a 29-year-old girl from in my head, United Kingdom

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Uni has me by the throat, but when it doesn't I love swimming, drama, anime, language and history studies. Drawing, painting, writing and clay sculpting.

Life direction is up in the air.

I write a web comic but the sites down until I can afford it again. It's called Geoff of Death, an evil rabbit from Hell who is out to kill a girl but she only has pity for him.

I've been writing since I was little and have wanted a place like this since the internet began.  I have a novel on the go called Ordinary Katie Bellum, it involves space travel and I'm quite proud of it. When it gets to a certain point i'll post it.

A newer idea that I'm working on involves a parthon of Angels.

Please feel free to critic me.

I haven't been using this fabulous site enough.

Have a great day, From a Mia. X

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