a scrub from Someplace, Canada

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"Lasciate ogni speranze voi ch'entrate."

So, huh, what is a scrub anyway? Doesn't matter: I've decided I was going to be just that here on Protagonize. 

Born and raised in Quebec, the French-speaking part of Canada some thirty years ago, I've had early dreams of making a career in writing. Despite completing a minor in screenwriting, I found myself drifting away from the dreams of my youth, and now I'm a drone, working 37 1/3 hours a week for a (nice) paycheck.

A friend of mine discovered Protagonize, and was kind enough to share the discovery. Unexpectedly, it triggered the desire to write again within me. I have no expectations towards whatever I post here, but if you should maybe feel the need to praise, then by all means don't hold back!

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