a 22-year-old dudette from Christchurch, New Zealand

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"I sit there and go 'Oh God, what am I gonna write?' and all of a sudden, it happens. The first line's down and all hell flows after that."- Metallica. "The lunatic is in my head." - Pink Floyd.

Welcome to my corner of the site.
Let's go through the basics,
Yes I love writing. Also, yes I dream of being an author.
I love meeting new people and reading their stories. I feel that you can know alot about person just by the things they write, there's a long explanation to go with that statement so just trust me when I say it.

Usually people fill this space with insperational quotes, their favourite things in life and details about themselves.
But I guess, all I will say is this;
 I come from Christchurch, New Zealand and I am a proud metalhead, petrolhead and animal lover and sports lover.
(Weird mix, I know)
I'm a small five foot, blued eyed weirdo that found the passion to write after reading many, many books.

Anyway, I think that's enough about me.
Happy writing all.

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