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Welcome to my profile, ladies and gents. I will try to keep my message short and sweet: I am a girl who has an account on here already, but I don't want to mix content or themes. My other account is fully 100% for everyone, this one is debatable. While I do enjoy writing nearly every genre (action, romance, comedy, freewriting, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.), this one is devoted only to romance. It's open-ended romance (considering the fact that I'm BI- hence the name lezzie), and will have both straight, lesbian, and gay pieces. Some will be poems, others short stories, and others again will have longer plots. My stories, will be real life scenarios that I have been through, along with some distorted truth. Let me get my warning label out there right now before you progress any further. If you are not comfortable with PROFANITY, EROTIC SCENARIOS, or HOMO RELATIONSHIPS, please leave now. There are plenty other great literature pieces on the site that are bound to cater to your needs. For those of you that are still here, welcome. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading! Feel free to guess my identity as well. Ask me on my other profile if you think you know who I am (it's named and with a face to match). I won't lie to you if you guess right. Maybe it's obvious, maybe it's not. Happy searching!

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