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Hello, my name is Alex Arguin and I am 17. I enjoy martial arts, music, reading(if the author really grasps my attention and reels me in) writing, and just hanging out with friends. I get my inspiration from opening up my imagination. I close my eyes and let the silver gates open and enter into A whole new world where I can explore and discover things I have never seen before. My 8th grade English teacher gave me a lot of my inspiration. in matter of fact I will be using him in the short story I am currently working on. His name will be Mr. Dupree in my short story and he also will be an English teacher for my main character Anna-Bell Lee!:) Its called, The Secrets of Lucata lake. I hope all of you authors and fans of literature will help me with my short story! I would much appreciate it. so open up your imagination and throw me your ideas! :D

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