a 17-year-old girl from the world of her stories ~<3

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"Be yourself, not someone else. (Don't wish to be like someone because you're the best at being yourself) Also, one of my favorite artists said: 'Draw what you like! If people like what you draw, that's a bonus. ' I think the same goes for writing. No-one can control our creative freedom besides ourselves ; )"

I'm an amateur visual novel maker, a member of Valonia VN developers group. My roles in Valonia are artist and writer ^.^ I used to write a lot in my language, but then I stopped and focused on drawing. Now I'm taking a long hiatus from being an artist and my English has improved a little so I decided to focus on writing again.

My favorite genres are supernatural, fantasy, tragedy, comedy, mystery,... I like medieval theme, too (but I can't write all of them. I'm young and my ability is limited ^^"). My stories usually take place in other worlds since I have more creative freedom than when the stories are about the world we living.

I'm new here and lack a lot of experience so please take care of me TTuTT. If you can, please help me improve my writing. I know writing is difficult, but please don't be too strict. My main field is not writing but drawing ; v ;

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