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"I'm not crazy about reality, but it's the only place to get a decent meal."

  Remember when you wrote random stuff in your youth, and thought to yourself, "I'm going to finish this and become a famous writer" ?

Once we reach a certain point in our lives, we all go:

"What were we thinking back then?"

Well, I like to think of myself as the personification of that feeling. I rake through my past works as a DungeonMaster, or as a fifth-grader writing superhero stories for my friends, or as the creator of this profile, and go, "What was I thinking back then?"

But, looking back, it isn't about how outrageous a mouse-themed superhero was, or how the main antagonist should never be a player's father, or anything like that.

The reason we look back and are stunned by previous works of ours is that we've come so far since then. It's conformation that we are improving; Not only our storytelling skills, but our tastes in stories. When we first wrote it, we thought, "This is great!", and maybe it still is... But as artists, we are inclined to think otherwise.

And sometimes, I feel as though no one has thought, "What was I thinking?!?" more than me.


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Nerdy. Immature. Mature. Lacking. Talented. Lazy. Ambitious. Friendly. Antisocial. Stubborn. Adaptable.

I've been called all of these things, and really, I don't know who to believe. Chances are, they're all right. I'm weird, but you get used to it.

I've written since forever, not always to full effect (see above), and hopefully the ages of mistakes made me a better writer... But that's for you to judge.









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