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"We are all in the gutter; but some of us look at the stars. (O. Wilde)"

I am in my final year at University where I am partaking in a delectable and varied degree in English & Drama. I love to read the works of Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Martin McDonagh, Steven Berkoff and Christopher Fowler. Apart from reading and writing various forms of prose, I also enjoy acting and painting and giving a sly wink to the helpless to form an anti-establishment mentality to my work. I'd like to think I'm a nouvaeu-punk but I'm far too self conscious. With this in mind, I love to listen to Lenny Bruce and Johnny Lydon and hopefully give a 21st century twist to their anarchist attitudes. On Sundays I love to spread the pungent filth excreted from several clergymen across the startled faces of malevolant badgers.

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