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The oldest of four children, Manhattan-born author Lendy Demetrius was introduced as a teenager to the escape that would become his life’s passion – writing. The introduction was made by a high school teacher who took the initiative to not only provide Lendy with guidance, but also to encourage and nurture his talent. “Mr. Bailey showed me that writing was a way to process and express what was going on in my life,” he recalls. “He showed me how to be still and take time for myself; and writing was what made me still in moments of chaos.”  Lendy quickly discovered that writing was something he could do and do well.

While in college, though he had not yet decided to pursue writing professionally, Lendy drew inspiration from everything including creative writing courses and the works of his favorite authors that helped to develop his written voice. That voice captures and relates themes of contemporary romance and drama, wrought in the African American and Hispanic experience.

Lendy also infuses his writing with tales of overcoming life’s trials, as he has had to do. “I feel every action we play in our lives leaves an etching, like a drawing,” he says of his writing style. “Writing novels for me is like connecting to a framework composed of our lives, culture, history, our pains, and our indulgences. I want to be able to tell a story that draws the reader in and open their conceptions.”   In 2002, at the age of 21, Lendy became a published author, releasing There Could Be Joy and Pain in the Long Run.

Currently working as an accountant for a corporate real estate firm, Lendy Demetrius has finished his second novel, I Live, You Move On. He is also working on a transition or expansion into screenwriting.

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