just a chick from A Comfy King Sized Bed

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I bleed for reading and writing, I love it. I consider it to be a true passion. I love communities like this, it's nice to deal with people who have the same love as I do.

Sooooo about me:

0. I Love Jesus (foremost)

1. I'm a Nerd

2. I'm a Health-Freak

3. I have too many hobbies to count (writing, knitting, sewing, cooking, learning the guitar, pole dancing, body toning, and blah blah blah)

4. I enjoy pretty, nice people

5. I enjoy TRUE writers

6. Netflix is a guilty pleasure

How Am I When I'm Writing?

Nothing like myself! I get really absorbed. I have a briefcase that goes everywhere with me, and all of my writing materials are in there. I like to be able to look at it, even if I'm not writing, makes me sleep better at night :-)

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