a 26-year-old woman from Warrington, United Kingdom

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"The most difficult aspects of playing poker professionally are coping emotionally with the losses and coping with the recurring idea that you're not doing anything worthwhile." Mike Caro Yes, I play poker and not to badly either...

Mother to a beautiful little girl.

♥ A writer.
♥ An artist.
♥ An actress.

I have lived and breathed in love and I'm still smiling.

Deep inside of me is a ball of hope scratching at my heart wanting me to succeed. I want the best for my little girl and I will fight until violence becomes impossible.

5 words I would use to describe myself?

♥ Aesthetic
♥ Assertive
♥ Passionate
♥ Innovative
♥ Friendly

About to start my studies at University I am just begining to open up on paper with a purpose. I'd love some helpful critisism and friendly advice. I want to make friends and grow as a person in this online community. My mind wanders easily but I'm determined to do my best at all times. I hope you enjoy browzing through my thoughts and creative spills, watch you don't slip on the way out.

♥ Please drop me a line, I'm not an average thingymajig... I'm extraordinary. ♥

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