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So, let's start with moi. Obviously. I'm NOT French. Absolutely not. I'm probably at the other end of the spectrum. However, my 'name' for Protagonize is French. Le coup de foudre: love at first sight. Do I believe in love at first? Nah. But, the imaginary dream that everyone has is love at first sight. It may exist somewhere (hence... Romeo and Juliet) but, who knows? I mean, who would want the guy to go... 'I love you, (name). I would die for you. If you leave me, take my heart with you. It belongs to you and only you.' The guy's having a breakdown.

NOTE: I spelled my name wrong! :) It's not "coupe" it's "coup". Oh god. :O

It depends on you, I guess. Anyway, I'm sounding like a psychopath. Let me introduce myself, I'm an imaginary Dorothy (which is NOT my real name) from the real state of Kansas... (which is definitely NOT where I'm from or where I live)...

Fun Facts about Moi:

  • Favorite Book of All-Time: The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
  • Favorite Song of All-Time: One Thing by One Direction
  • Favorite Band of All-Time: One Direction (duh!)
  • Favorite Old Cartoon: The Peanuts or The Jetsons
  • Favorite Movie: The Outsiders or Charlie's Angels
  • Pet Peeve: Do you really want me to list them?
  • Favorite Sport: Writing is a sport, dude.
  • Currently Reading: Ten Thousand Souls- Eleanor Henderson
  • Favorite Color (how could I forget that?): Sea Green
  • Favorite Food: Honey, I'm a hungry hippo. I'll eat anyting. (Except meat. I'm a VEGETARIAN.)


Anywho, I must be rambling on and on. I must introduce you to some of my "works":

  1. Kill Me Softly (solo- FINISHED, BABY!)
  2. Catch Me if You Can (solo- sequel to Kill Me Softly)
  3. Nick and June (solo)
  4. Mysterious (solo)
  5. The Aftermath of the Wizard of Oz (collab)
  6. My Prince Will Come (solo)
  7. Those Three Words (solo)
  8. I Killed Paul Mccartney (solo)
  9. A Week (solo)
  10. Falling Stars (solo)
  11. It Snowed Last Night (solo)
  12. The Tennessee Boy (solo)
  13. War of 2100 (collab)
  14. Predator (collab) - please join! Contact me!

A not so lovely bunch, I must say.

Now. Let's get this straight. My works are original and I don't want ANYONE to copy them. I know some plots may be similar and I know that I write about typical teenage stories... but seriously? If you have the same exact plot line, I will first cry then I shall spam your page with comments like "um, so, honey, you totally copied me!". Nah, I won't do that. But, I will have some nasty comments about you in my head. Don't worry, I won't rate your story horribly. I won't read it even. >: ( I don't usually rate anything below a 3.5. Everything piece of work is "good"... just not... relatable or interesting. Or unique in any particular way. But, I'm pretty nice about that. Unless the work is completely unecessary. =D

Well. I would like to say that I am definitely not the best writer. But, I enjoy it and that's all that matter, right? And about the Mary-Sue thing... that really bugs me. I won't bother to read your story if the character really "angers" me.

>.<... well, on that note, I think I shall be leaving now. Or maybe not. You're probably not even reading this... LMAO. Oh well, I'm done... MAYBE. -_-

Nope. I'm not done yet, honeys. :D

Songs That Go Along with Most of My Stories:


  • Anything One Direction. Seriously.
  • Tongue-Tied by Grouplove
  • Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by P!nk
  • Anything Ed Sheeran, as well.


Or you could just stick to your playlist, dolls. :D

Tootles ;)

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