a 22-year-old chick from Canada

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Hi. Please call me Josie, Jos, or Jose (nickname, don't ask.) Or if you're so inclined to call me "lazyperfectionist."

I think my username is pretty good description of me. I am a perfectionist. But honestly I am too lazy and/or don't know to make things perfect. My perfectionistism also kills my writing, because I am too obsessed about making it perfect. Not to also mention, I have a serious case of Writer's Block on a daily basis.

I've been writing stories since I was little. I also like poetry. Everyone tells me my poems are really good. But whatever. I really enjoy writing. But reading, is something I love even more. I don't why, maybe it's because I don't really have high expectations. But that doesn't mean I like every book I read. =/

But onto the non-creative stuff, I guess you could say I am not like any other teenager (in some ways). I dress the way I want too, and in a way I don't care what people think of me. I mean I won't change myself to get people to like me, but I am always paranoid what people are saying about me. I guess it's because I have social phobia. Not too mention ADHD. Now let's see what else; I love playing on my computer, and photography. I am a feminist, and I hate any sort of intolerance. But religion wise, right now I am agnostic; but I am raised as a liberal protestant through the United Church of Canada.

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