a 23-year-old female from a place unknown

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"Nothing is impossible" "Be a dreamer, its ok to play in the clouds" "Hope is only lost to those who stop believing in themselves."

When you feel lost
and feel alone
I will be waiting with open arms
Nothing is impossible.


I am a deep thinker, and a fictional writer. I love fantasy and realistic fiction. I also have a somewhat morbid sense of humor but that is only in the horror fiction books I am writing. I am trying to publish a book. Hopefully two before the end of next year. I thought that if I am going to be writing I might as well insert myself into a writing environment.

So.... Here I am.

I am flexible when it comes to creating plots, characters, creatures.... really anything. (I wouldn't hold you're breath on that) :)

I hope we can help each other; after all, you can always get better with practice.

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