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"'Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age the child is grown and puts away childish things, childhood is the kingdom in which nobody dies..' Edna St.Vincent Milay."


I'm Lauren!! (:

I'm from the country, and it rains here about 95% of the year!!

I'm currently really happy with my life. I have the most amazing friends, a boyfriend that loves me and music to satisfy my soul.

I like long walks while listening to my ipod (almost r.i.p buddy!!), and rambling up mountains with my father telling me the history of the most random things.

I love my boyfriend. He's amazing. He can make me feel so good about myself without even trying. His hugs, his kisses, his touch <3

I like hanging out with my amazing friends, sudoku/wordsearch sessions ;), going to gigs and sleepovers (:

I'm a vegetarian, and a buddhist in training (:

I'd love to have been a hippy, but in this day and age its all techno crap ¬.¬ ah well - i've started saving for a VW Camper Van =D. I'm also determined to purchase a Harley Davidson...even though I probably won't ever use it. I'm not outgoing. I wish I was.

My best friend's and I have a really cool dream. The year we all turn 18, we're going to head to Glastonbury in my very own campervan, and pitch up in a really funky teepee!! Then, we want to take a gap year and travel the world. We'll see places like Africa, India, Egypt, Germany, France (again!!), Austria, Romania etc..

I want to live in Ireland. I've only ever been there once, but it's a dream of mine. I've already told the boyf, if  he and I are together he has to come. Thankfully - he agreed. :).

Two of my best friends live miles away from me. One all the way in Cambridge, New Zealand, and the other in the Isle of Wight, England? I miss them both terrible. But, thanks to the magic which is le internet - I can easily communicate with them :). I'll always love them...forever and ever....<3

Peace out (: (:

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