a 22-year-old from The Cupboard Under The Stairs, United States

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"Let us step out into the night, and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure" -Albus Dumbledore "Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's" -Amelie

Hey, I'm Lily. I consider myself a relatively intelligent 17 year old, but I'm obsessed with crappy reality TV shows, so I might just be good at lying to myself. I'm a total grammar nazi, but a terrible speller, so what have you? I'm obsessed beyond words with Harry Potter and Marvel. My favorite super hero is Iron Man and my favorite Harry Potter character is Hagrid. I am in love with writing characters. (Which is why I just told you who my favorite characters are!) I think characters are completely essential to stories, I would much rather read a book with a mediocre plot and great characters, than the other way around. Hopefully, if/when people read my stories they will appreciate my characters, but I absolutely love constructive criticism, which is partly why I'm so excited to join Protagonize. I like writing more than most things, but I also love swimming, politics, drawing, talking, dancing (even though I'm a terrible dancer), and cinnamon toast crunch (among other things). I love plane rides and grocery shopping, as well as long walks on the beach. This is doubling as my OKCupid Profile. No but really, the beach is my favorite place in the entire world. If I could live underwater, I would in a second. I would honestly love to be a bestselling author, I think being famous sounds like a lot of fun, plus I love shopping, and having money to buy clothes and travel would be nice. And you know, as well as that superficial !^&#, I love writing to be read. Of course, I would write even if no one read it, but I love the feeling of sinking into a good book more than anything, and if someone felt that way about something I wrote, I might just die of happiness. 

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