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Heyy I'm Jenna but whenever I write anything I put Lani-Joe on. It's what my nanna wanted me to be called. It's kinda got stuck in my head now whenever I write.

I'm from England, nearly 15. I love writing but I find that if I stop writing even for a little while I just can't seen to pick up where I left off. I get writers block a lot...

Mostly, I like writing things similar to what I like to read. So.... horrors.... paranormal.... and I guess you could say that many of the things I write are almost depressing. The main thing I like to write, which I have varying chuncks off, is about a young girl whose father beats her up, and the boy next door is the one who completely turns her life around. Like... he's her reason for living...

I know where I want the story to go, but again, writers block. It drives me insane....

I'm not much of a profile person, never knowing what to write, never really been able to fill them in... so I'm going to leave this off here.

Feel free to send me a message if you like :). I'll talk to pretty much anybody :).

LaniJoe x

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