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"Videt vinum, bibit vinum; ebrius." Lainey Summers "Sometimes I shouldn't say words" ~ Xander Harris

I've been reading since I could talk; I never quit at either!

I love coffee; after my muse, it's my best friend.

Hope you enjoy reading what I have posted to date, I am always open to comments, critique and collaborations.  Below are some of the things I am working on at the moment.

3000 Words by Teatime Tomorrow

Loose Ends
An Act of Friendship

Poetry Collection 
Ghostwhite Silver

An idea for this year's NaNoWriMo
Nothing I am willing to discuss yet, not even the title...

Books I am currently reading
Blaze - Richard Bachman/Stephen King
A Kiss Gone Bad - Jeff Abbott
The Elements of Style - William Strunk Jnr. & E.B. White

Recent reads
Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett

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