a 20-year-old cat from on the moon, Canada

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Greetings fellow writers! My name's Lady Spiral but my friends call me Kira. I currently am residing in Grande Prairie, Canada but I spent most of my life so far in England. I have been writing stories ever since I can remember. Most of them feature macabre subjects with good humor and rather cliche love stories. I currently have 3 novels that I am working on, two without titles, one with.
The first one is about a girl, Arienna Sparks, who's a half demon living in a modern world. She gets separated from her father and must work with others to find him.
The second one is about a prophecy depicting a girl, Victoria Cross, who can control shadows and will ultimately decide the fate of our world.
The third one has a name. It is called The Fold and here is it's blurb:
In a post-apocalyptic world, running from a crazed Demon Lord hell bent on making her his queen, 17 year-old Kira has to battle many demons, both real and metaphorical. On top of that, she has to keep 9 other teens alive as they come to terms with their new found powers. Throw in the most gorgeous she's ever seen at a time when love is little more than a fairy tale and you have what's considered an ordinary day on a planet torn apart by The Fold.

I look forward to writing with people! XD

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