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Hello all! My pseudonym as a writer is Julie I. Wyatt. My real name is Iulia, so that's where "I." comes from. :)

One of my passions is, together with music, photography (which is what I am most known for on the internet), but recently I've started to write my own short novels. I have been singing for three years. Before discovering photography, I used to draw and paint a lot, but now I just gave up. I love other things too much, and I spend a lot of time reading. I like reading, it's the most simple way to escape from your ordinary life. That's where my passion for historical and fantasy novels comes from (from this desire of living in another world). My favourite era? Definitely the 19th century, and I'm particulary in love with England and France, and also with the '50 in America (because I love jazz so much!).

I am a helpless romantic, and a bit of a pessimist when it comes to love. I'm too scared that I might never know what being in love feels like.

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