an 18-year-old girl from My World, United Kingdom

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Hey, I'm Lacey. I was born on Halloween. I love Harry Potter, especially Dobby and Luna. I love wolves, foxes, dragons, Pegasus' and unicorns . My favourite characters are always the 'villains', don't ask why. I have some weird fascination with zombies- they don't even have had to be human- they can be anything. My favourite character out of every movie has to be Scar from the Lion King. MORE ABOUT ME: I'm absolutely obsessed with the Pixar theory, like you have no idea. I love fantasy so that will probably be the only thing I write. I have 8 sisters and 3 brothers. I'm the oldest. There is a sixteen year different between me and my youngest sibling. Most of my characters are based on real people- usually my friends just more exaggerated. I'm terrible at maths and spelling...sometimes....depends. I'm half narcissist (if that's what it's called) I'm blonde, while everyone else in my family is either brown haired or ginger. I live in Toxteth (that's in Liverpool). I'm Canadian-French and half Korean. I was bullied in Primary School. I have what seems to be a difficult name, but it's not- it's Larissa. I was born on Halloween. I was cheated on by one brother so naturally I went out with the other. I'm a snob. _______________________________________________

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