a 21-year-old guy from Orange County, United States

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"One who does whatever, becomes whoever" -Remi

I have seen a lot in he short live I've lived.  I've been homeless 3 different times, I come from a long line of drug dealers and drug addicts, and I'm proud to not be going down that road.  I have family that raps, and I've been in the studio a lot.  I don't rap myself, but I love poetry.  I give my life to God because he has given me everything I have, and has gotten me out of being homeless several times.  I think I have a pretty good story to tell, and I'm often by myself just thinking and creating two line rhymes in my mind.  Well, hopefully I might be able to help change the way people think about the problems they face because just pressing through will help you reach the other side.  Nothing is relative, but everything is possible.  

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