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"Konnichwa! Ogenki desu ka?"

Hello I'm Walandra Byrd! I was born on Januray 8th, 1989 in Grady Memorial Hospital. Parents of Carlos Turner and Wanda Byrd. I have four sisters and three brothers- they are my life and heart- even though one of those sibling rivaly comes up once in a while. Althrough I went to five or four different elementary schools, in Decatur- I attended Cedar Grove Middle and Lithonia High School. After my mom died two years ago- she wanted me to accomplish my goals and dreams; change my life.

I love anime, (love to watch it) read, and write. I previously learning to speak basic to immediate Japanese, which is very good (don't ask me to read kanji, katakana, or hirigana because I can't read either).

I been writing stories of different anime and others for seven years. Lately, it more different than it was those seven years ago. In 2005, I started the Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover project. It consists of ten of my favorite animes:

Fullmetal Alchemist


Blood Plus

Wolf's Rain

Death Note


Eureka Seven

Ghost in the Shell


Cowboy Bebop

There's a myspace link below it about the project. Before 2008 ended- I been off the track for awhile because I had more great projects to come up with like "Code Geass: BDK" and the Final Fantasy story (I don't know if this gonna be the ninth of tenth story depending on Square Eqnix). But 2009- I will catch up with those later on!!!

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