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"Take me back to New Orleans and drop me at my door..." -Cowboy Mouth

A profile page is supposed to tell the world who you are, right? Well, I began to think tonight: How can you really tell who a person is just by reading a profile page? There are so  many aspects to the human personality, the human being, it's impossible to convey the complexity of a person in a paragraph. I could tell you that I am a 17-year-old high school student from Florida, and that would be a fact, but that doesn't tell you about my person. That doesn't tell you what keeps me up at night, what brings a smile to my face, what soothes my pain and tames the raging torrent of thought and emotion in my Soul. What excites me, what enrages me, what makes me feel good to be alive. All of these things cannot be expressed or conveyed in something as shallow as a profile page. So, with that said, I invite you to peruse my writings, which will hopefully give you a small look into the person that is The Wall. Or you can message me, as I love to talk, and I'll talk about anything and everything.

Welcome to the world of The Wall.

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