a female from a simple house, in Texas :), United States

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      I am new to the writing field but, love to read and have for years. I have only written one completed book as of yet, and aspire to write many more from here on out. I am a lover of all things romantic from teenaged to adult and all things epic but, I like to dabble in my fair share of fantasy too.

     I would like to thank anyone ahead of time, those who've taken time to read works I've been daring enough to post, and also invite you to comment on them as well. I know being new to this whole scene reading books can't be enough to fully help me know what I'm doing. So any advice and/or critiques would be very much appreciated. :)

     I hope you enjoy your time on my page! I will post my works as they come to be; they may be very sporatic but, I will try my best to make them worth your time! Once again, thank you, and Have a great rest of your day!



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