a diva from Sudbury, ON, Canada

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I'm a woman of many talents, tastes and experiences.

If there is adventure, I'm there.  If it's new, I'm there.  I live life to the limit and as full as I can live it.  I lived the first part of my adulthood in regret, and I decided that it was only holding me back and I couldn't live with that anymore.

I'll be the one on the motorcycle you see on the highway.  The one that skin dives and unapologeticly winks at you if you caught her "skin" diving out so far in the middle of no where that the only people that get there - get it.

Grab life by the horns and don't let go until they bury you!

I am an avid outdoorsman as well as, perhaps truly ironic, as risk-taking and adventurous as I am, I tend to use as much safety equipment as I am functionally able to use - but I make it look good.

Words that people have used to describe me:  Adventurous, unapologetic, environmentalist, animal-rights believer, "measured risk-taker", home-maker, gearhead, history nut, "she of many talents", artist, and loving wife.

Hey, at least when someone writes my epitaph, it will be a full one!

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