a 23-year-old shorty from Detroit, MI, United States

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"You must leave the city of your comfort, and enter the wilderness of your discomfort. What you'll find will be wonderful. What you'll find is yourself."

Hello, and welcome to my profile!

About Myself

My name is Camera. It has been my name since birth, and it is pronounced just as it is spelled. I like to use my name to make user ID's that play into that whole theme. I've been nicknamed a lot of stuff:

  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Canon
  • Panarama
  • Flash

There are more I'm sure, but those are the most memorable. The one I've latched on to is Kodak though. I'm sure I could never use that nickname if I wanted to publish with it, but on social media, I am playing that up to the max. So, you can certainly call me Kodak, or Cam, as many people do, but I will also answer to my real name, Camera.

I'm currently a junior in university. I'm working towards a BA in Japanese Language and Culture, and I'm hoping by the time I've graduated that I will be a certified translator and English Second Language instructor. My plans for my degree are to find a flexible job working in text translation, but I am also open to the ideas of interpretation, teaching Japanese here in the US, or teaching English in Japan. I kind of like the idea of having a job that could place me anywhere, because I want to be able to move. So, are you wondering what a Japanese major is doing on a writing website? Read on.

About My Writing

I like to write. I guess I would if I joined a site like this. My love of literature started at a young age. I took to reading around 5 years old, and started reading my first novel when I was 7 years old. What was my first novel? Harry Potter. As you can guess, I am an avid fan of the Potter universe, have read all the books, seen all the movies, seen Potter Puppet Pals, and AVPM, AVPS, AVPSeniorYear. It really shaped my love for literature, along with books by Libba Bray, Steven King, Stephanie Meyer (no hate, Twilight might not be the best, but The Host is wonderful), Richelle Mead, and a few other authors. I've never had a ton of time to read books, besides what I was assigned in school and what I could fit in between class, but I have always been in love with the worlds that could be explored through literature. The part of me that wanted to know others thoughts, perspectives, ans adventures latched on to books to gain that knowledge. Then one day, I decided to pick up the pen.

The first time I seriously tried creative writing was when I was 12. And I sucked, just like how I'm sure you sucked when you first started. But I loved it. I genuinely love writing, and since I was 8, I had compliments from my teachers that I did seem to grasp writing well. The fact was, even though I did not have genius writer engraved into my being, my love for literature and indulgence in it helped my writing tremendously. I cared about trying to tell stories how I had seen them written in real books, and emulation did wonders for my skill.

Over the years of my adolescence, I have been an off an on writer. I've never really thought about making a profit from my work. I always assumed I would do something with my drawing, or I would do language, or if I did write, it would be for reporting only, not creative expression. It was only until I went off to college and had some experiences and met some people that I realized that writing is something that is a vital part of my life. My greatest form of expression is when I sit down here and write in my journal or tap away at the keys of my laptop. It's the best way for me to touch people and show them what I feel and how I think. And now that I've been awakened to that fact, I can't not be a writer. Will I still be focused on my language courses? Yes, because I do have a love of Japanese language and culture and that is the path I want to take, but writing must coexist with that passion. It's a necessity now.

If I make a few bucks from my writing I'll be ecstatic, but the point that I have for this is to share with people. As long as my work touches one person, I am satisfied.

About My Drawing

Besides my hobbies with writing and reading, I am also an amateur artist. I sketch every now and then. I mostly do it now to get a feel for who my characters are and what they look like, but if I get a good random idea, I might sketch something. My art is really for me, so I don't force myself to do it.

My Stories

I'm sure that we'll all agree that when we first join a site like this we want as many people to read our writing as possible. We wait for someone to comment about how great it is, or rate it with five stars, or mark it as a favorite. And then, when that doesn't happen immediately, we get discouraged and tend to lose the urge to get creative and make more stories.

Well, I'm willing to wait for supporters. I'm working on a book which may or may not end up on this website. Things that I'm willing to share without hesitation, however, will be writing prompts that I do occasionally to keep me in my writing zone, one shots, random free-writing pieces, and poetry. I may put up character development related things from my book here as well just as a reference for myself.

Alright. Thanks if you actually read this monstrosity of a bio. Feel free to comment on my page or ask me to read some of your work. Bye guys!


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