a 28-year-old guy from Winston Salem, NC, United States

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"Live, Love, Hope and Smile... Add those four with a lil dough, and you got heaven!"

Hey its Johno a.k.a E.E. Fleagle ;P

On most things of this sort i'd say theres not to much as to tell about myself, but under the circumstances i'll say something slightly more truthful and original in a strange sort of sense... Theres far to much to say about Me in such a small piece! So i'll stick to a more simple style of explanation in reguards to my personality...

I'm what most would call an eccentric by nature, for what abnormalities most have learn through watching others or in a flurry to become something they consider beyond societies basic boxes, I have never dealt with. I grew up in Eugene Oregon being considered a freak of nature, and have since been scarred -and blessed- to find myself outside of the majority of peoples conceptions! Ahh, how I love being the object of both disdain and hope for those who know me... But i'm getting away from my subject. I'm generally a nice fellow, with a good tolerance for stupidity, despite how much i despise it, and have grown accustomed to being nothing more than an entity floating among the populace whos soon forgotten or thought of as nothing more than another joe. I love to live, and i live to love in a sense, for though i dont find myself to be very wise or poetic, when i heard the saying a few years back it fit perfectly... Ah, i'm getting carried away with these personality tutorials again. Forgive me if i say say goodbye, but if theres more you wish to know, then message me and i'll speak a while. That is as long as you dont prove to be to moronic. ;D

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