a 25-year-old from Winnipeg , MB ., Canada

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first of all .. my name is obviously Krista ; I`m a mother to one boy named Landon <3 . yes , I`m a teenage mother . it wasn`t a planned pregnancy , but he has honestly changed my life for me . &I`m glad my life is the way it is . I`m single ; have been since I was 8mnths pregnant . I honestly find life better without having to worry about a baby`s dad .. I see how these other gurl`s are about their`s . I feel bad . it wasn`t my choice to not let Landon`s father in his life , it was indeed .. his own . he`d rather be in a gang than be a father . it`s fine to me though , you can`t choose someone to be there when they don`t wanna be . correct ? anyways , this is me . like it or not .

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