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So, seeing as I'm 19, do I go to collage? No I don't. I debated about going for animation, game design, or even going to apprentice for tattooing. I do in fact believe in God, and I feel like I'm being pushed away from collage by some force. Besides, a big Gemini trait in me is that I can't even decide where I want to go or what I want to do. Oh, and don't worry, I don't enjoy pushing my religion on anyone; I support gay marriage and the right to chose what you do for yourself. So yes, this includes me supporting abortion and all those other boring "adult" topics.

Let's stop talking "adult" here. Man, when and why did I suddenly become an adult?!

I recently moved out with my fiance, and I have a job as a caretaker. So, living on my own and having to clean up after an older lady suffering irreversible mental issues, and not going to collage. This wasn't what I had in mind, but to tell you the truth, I had nothing in mind in the first place as to what I wanted to do besides publish my books, have a family, and be happy.

Now, on to what my stories are all about. They, as I'm sure it's the same with every author, align with what I myself am interested in reading. Adventure/action, fantasy, young adult, and science fiction, and normally I somehow combine all of them together. Not to mention that I hate writing about stories that follow someone on Earth. So, normally I take a character from Earth, and fling them to another place. And if I don't, they were never on this planet to begin with. This goes with how I can't stand to describe how something already looks; if I can't make it and destroy it on my own free will without offending anyone, then I don't want it in my story.

Now, my hobbies, you say? Reading/writing (obviously), coin collecting (I have coins from Asia, Norway, Bahamas, Brazil, Mexico), video games (role play and adventure), DnD, art/drawing/comic making, cats

What have I done with my life so far? Hrmmm...well, as I said before, I live by myself with my fiance, and by now many of the stories I've thought of are being re-written. My books are in multiple different series, and I joined this site to get the ideas I couldn't put in those into short stories here. Anyway, I'm engaged, I survived Senior Project and graduated High School with a Regents Diploma, I have visited Norway two times and hope to go back.

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