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The Butterfly of Freedom (Edward Monkton) "Why do you fly outside the box?" "I fly outside the box because I can." "But we know the box, we are safe inside the box." "That my friend is why I leave it- for you may be safe but I am free!"

Heyy guys,

Ummm well I like writing as most people here probs do.I espescially like writing poems.

I lurve Snoopy and the colour yellow!! I am a very random person! An example of my randomness is I have a friend hoo is an elf! (Well supposedly check out Delorfinde's profile for truth)

I am very happy go lucky and I support the charity Stop the traffik. I love eating chocolate and Haribo's. I have an addiction to Glace cherries.

I hate walking but love bike rides, hate swimming but love netball and I LOVE DRAMA!! Officially you have just met the biggest drama queen of the centurary-- I have a mug that says that on it heheh! 

I love the interesting thoughts of Edward Monkton!!

I wear many many many pairs of All star converses. 

I work in collaboration with Delorfinde. 

I have 1 Collab Story that I want everyone to do! Please do it!! It is called One Big Fat Teachers Training Course!!!!

Please add to it and spread the word!

KitKat =-D 

P.s. If u wanna write just write- thats what I do- no plans, no flow diagrams nothing just let it pour out.

P.s. I don't have a website so i added stop the traffik's for good measure!!

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