a 21-year-old girl from the United States

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"The pencil is mightier than the sword. But try convincing people that they'll win a sword fight with only a pencil."

Hi, you can call me Kitty. I like to read, but I especially enjoy writing stories. My current solo story is called Island of the Jolly Roger; it's about a shipwreck, pirates, and a deserted island. Another solo story is Everwood Academy, about a girl who...well, I haven't decided the whole plot yet. A story I'm working on with three of my friends at school is called Seeking; it takes place in 2613, and is a very futuristic science fiction book.

My favorite....

Books: Eclipse, Eragon, Daughter of the Forest

Authors: Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Juliet Marillier

Series: Twilight, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride

Websites: Facebook, Protagonize, deviantART

Bands: Journey, Saga, RHMS Adv. Band


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