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I'm a hobbyist writer, ascended hobbyist musician, Christian guy. I like listening to Korean pop music and reading Latin texts (though with Latin it's more of a love-hate relationship).

I write fanfiction. That's pretty much it at the moment. I'm joining here in case I decide to write some original stuff in the future and can't post it in my normal hangout over on FFN. If you're interested, any originals of mine will most likely be Fantasy. Maybe Sci-fi. I don't know.

I like languages. I'm slowly working on Korean right now, I'm taking German in school, I'll eventually learn Greek and Hebrew in my schooling, and I want to learn Chinese when I'm done with Korean, which may well be a long ways into the future. But meh.

So, if you're interested, grab a Maffle, sit down, and drop me a line.


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