a female from British Columbia, Canada

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"Man's most precious need is to surrender as quickly as possible, that gift of freedom, that he the unfortunate creature was born with." Dosteovsky

I'm a happily married female. I've always loved reading and writing and now have the time to do a lot more of both. I like most, have dreams of becoming the next Tom Clancy, Jodi Picoult (you can fill in your own name in the blanks).

I love entering writing contests and while I have never won any, the process is fun and every time I complete one, it feels good to know I have accomplished something.

I'm going to continue to write until I take my last breath - whether anything comes of the writing or not, it is part of me and it is who I am.

This new avenue has presented itself to me and I plan on enjoying it.  I look forward to reading things the brave people here have chosen to share.

All the best to each of you.  

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