a 22-year-old gentleman from the United States

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"The best in life is not the adventures you have, but the great memories you share with those that have them with you."

17, Male, Bi. 

Loves to write : songs, poems, stories.

Stories consist of - fantasy, drama, teen, tragedy, romance, mystery, angst, horror, and comedy.

Also loves to draw, play guitar, run/hike, play sports, and other things that involve nature. 

So yeah, not good at these if you can tell, but all well. It's not like I'm here to impress, I'm just here to write. If you're wondering if Enix is my real name, then yes, it is. My grandmother named me before she died, so my mom never changed it. I like it, so if you don't, it's whatever. 

I'm easy to get along with, sometimes, as long as you don't get on my bad side. I hate jerks, judgemental people, and people who try and act like they're better than everyone else. So if you're none of those, we'll probably become friends. 

So, it's whatever. Bye. 

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