a 24-year-old girl from a place, United States

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"Never take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway." -Unknown

I'm not very interesting unless you get to know me, if you know me than I'm a "Kitten on Steroids" according to my friends. I'm in choir, I run in track and I'm an honor roll student. Like I said nothing that interesting.... hm..... I can't spell to save my life....... I'm pretty laid back....... I am massively OCD....... and.......... Oh yeah I tend to ramble on a lot.

Why and How I write:

I started writing when I was young because of my mothers death in July of 2004. I never showed anyone the dark stuff though till I hit high school and even then to a select few so far. I write because of my mother and at times for my mother, she was religious so I tend to give my stories, songs, and poems religious aspects though it's rarely the theme. I tend to take my writing very seriously because it has been a big part of my life and my mourning.

I also write due to the fact I need something to do with my massively insane and somewhat dark imagination. I'm a little off (but I promise I'm sane) and can have the most off the wall topics to write about or even talk about. What can I say? I'm me.


I tend to hate absolutely everything I write so I won't be insulted by any negative reviews.

Also, I have no way of checking my grammar at this point in time, Google Docs and Microsoft Word do not want to cooperate with me so please, enough comments on my grammar.

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