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"The ends justify the means."

"Dark times are coming. Curses are returning to the innocent. Those forgotten in time shall return. But until destiny starts moving again, i lie in the darkness waiting for him to return." - The Oracle 

In the world of Gaia, there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the kingdoms and clans alike that tells of a being born from the heavens. A hero that would rise against the corruption of darkness and vanquish evil time and time again whenever it shall arise by gathering a group of noble warrior known as Guardians. But when this being suddenly vanishes from time, Decades pass and the world sunk into turmoil. All hope was lost and as the world plummeted into the depths of Darkness the legend was lost to the endless current of time. Eons passed, and the old stories that where forgotten. Come to light once again, begging the question. ? Will the true hero ever return? Will the guardians rise to the challenge once more? Or will they both remain legends? 

Book One Synopsis: Darkness rises once again and evil tightens its grip suffocating the land. Corruption and temptation spreads like a virus causing a great depression and all hope seems to be lost. The legendary seven Kingdoms struggle for power and the thirteen clans created by the divine gods are dying off when a rival Nation with technological advancements far superior to that of the others rise. But when a shooting star falls from the heavens it seems there is one hope left in plain sight. When a child named Darsha falls from the sky as if to symbolize a gift from the heavens with no memory of who he is, or where he came from many strange events begin to take effect soon after. Troubled with memories that do not belong to him trying to remember his own origins this child goes through life as a weakling, but when war is brought to his home, and his mother is taken from him. He is faced with a choice. Watch his mother be executed, or fight against his oppressors in an epic battle of power, wits, and courage. 

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