a 24-year-old dude from PA, United States

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Hi, I'm Anthony. I'm an 19 year old lazy dude xD

Um, not much to say really. I'm a fun loving guy and I tend to have decent opinions on stuff. I'm also a terrible about me writer :x. I don't honestly know if I want a career in writing, or it's just a hobby. But I would absolutely love to get my stuff animated. I think it'd fit more anime-style than anything else, and I want it that way. I've been on a writing hiatus for quite some time, cause I get busy or lose interest and regain it randomly. I plan on writing a lot more when I have free time, and posting more too. Anyway, the only story I have up right now is Vampire. And I kinda had no clue how to add stories and chapters in the beginning, so my bad >>. Anyway, I'll add more legitimate stories later. Thanks for ready if you do! :D

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