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"Don't worry about the world ending today cause it's already tomorrow in Australia!"

Dear You,

Why hello there lurker/friend! I'm Kenzii and I love to write. I'm sure you have a good reason to why you're on my profile. Although, I assume it's because you want to get to know me. So, here we go! I'm Kenzii Hastings. I live in Toronto Ontario, and as you may have guessed I love to write. My style of writing varies. Sometimes I'm in a dark mood, other times, I'm in a romance mood. Recently I've been working on a piece called Out Loud. It is about a girl named Laura who is silent for children's rights. It hasn't taken off yet but stay tuned, I think it's going to be really good. Other things you may want to know about me, is that I'm addicted to dance. Literally. I've been dancing for 9 years and I love it. I'm working on a story (that is not on Protagonize yet) about a dancer. Once I like it I'll put it on I promise! Other things that interest me are Musicals. My top 5 are (not in order) Wicked, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Hair, Chicago, Cabaret, Funny Girl, Hello Dolly, Singing in the Rain and Little Shop of Horrors. I know that was ten but I have alot of favourites. So as you can see I'm a very interesting person.  So that's pretty much it about me, comment and rate my work! 

x.o Kenzii

p.s I also like Hairspray, Bye Bye Birdie and Les Miserables

p.s.s Fame, Mamma mia! and The Rocky Horror Picture Show complete my life as well.

p.s.s.s Okay that's it. *cough* West Side Story *cough*

p.s.s.s.s Okay one more. I <3 BILLY ELLIOT!!




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