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   Good day, fellow protagonizer!! If your reading this, your putting aside some time for me.
Greatly appreciated ;)

   I'm a college kid, studying biology and pursuing a future medically oriented.

   Can be a bit dull, however. The curriculum is fine, but I've been dealing strictly with facts and the-known for the last 3 years.

   My imagination has been starving.

   Since high school I've been working on a story called "The Forgotten Rising". From then until now, the plot had been developed, flipped, sculpted into something promising, in my head. Don't get me wrong, ive got 60-odd pages typed out and the way it's headed (if i have my way) it's gonna take more then 1 book!

   I've started "PROJECT: EDEN" in order to give myself a clean head. "The Forgotten Rising" is going to take a lot of work because i'm very different from the person that started writing it.

   I'm eventually gonna buy a ticket to EDITING city and i want to postpone until after I tackle this shorter-more manageable-story. 

   Maybe I should let you know more about "PROJECT: EDEN". 

   Maybe not. The link is probably somewhere near YOUR cursor after all hahaa.

   Enjoy the trip!



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