a 20-year-old grrl from the United States

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"I'm not the girl next door, I'm the Bit*h across the street!"

Hey Im keller. I live in Florida. I am 13. My intersests are reading, music, computers, writing, and fighting with people. I love vampires and am fasinated with their history and myths/facts. I was adopted at the wee age of 1. I have biological sister and 2 non-bio siters and 3 non-bio brothers. Just me and my real sister live in the same house as my parents. The others are grownup.I am what you call goth/emo. I use to cut myself but have stopped because of my boyfriend. At school i am known as afro-chick becase my hair is natuerally curly and frizzy. My favorite bands are bullet for my valentine,Avenged Sevenfold (may Jimmy 'The Rev' RIP),3 days grace,etc. I love scremo,death metal,heavy meatel, and hard rock.I also like country witch is a weird mix i know.To my club I am as emo redneck bit*h.I have a band and a club...i write dark poetry and I am also in the prosess of writing 7 books.message me if you want to know more.

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