a 22-year-old shorty from Under my Bed. <3, United Kingdom

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"Don't fight against the way life goes, No-one makes it out alive anyway."

The name's Kayleighh, though I do have various nicknames so call me whatever suits you. (:

I've recently turned 16 years old, born in the winter month in which we celebrate Christmas, on the 28th day. ^^

I love using.. Random Anime/Manga faces. ^w^^

I'm actually quite shy when you first get to know me, but after that I rarely shut up! XD

Uhm.. I write alot? And people say I put alot of thought and emotion into each of my stories and they some how relate to myself. D:

I also LOVE to draw. :) I sometimes post random images of scenes in some of my stories on my DeviantART page, so I reccomend you keep and eye there. ^_^^~

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