a 24-year-old femme from East London, United Kingdom

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"Never Let Anyone Know What You Are Thinking."

Right....Hmm well I'm a student, and I write poetry, short stories and prose fiction. For kicks. I began writing a couple of years back, when I was looking for a way to relax and escape from the circus we all call home. Suddenly, thanks to my teachers and friends, I realised that writing was something...well something I can't live without now. Looking towards a career in Journalism, most of the stuff I write is according to a theme which reflects my opinions and thoughts on certain issues in the world of current affairs and politics. My poetry has been named as 'Dramatic Monologue' and 'Underground' by the English teachers who have seen the scribbles in the back pages of my notebooks. I am currently studying English Language & Literature at college and hope to continue developing as a freestyle/underground poet and writer for the months to come. Hopefully, this website helps! This website was one of many recommended to me by my Head of English, who suggested my poetry needed to be 'put out there'. My short stories and prose fiction have not been greeted with a reception as welcoming as the poetry has; as I only began writing those in the darkness of my bedroom merely weeks ago. I hope Protagonize does the job of putting my stuff 'out there' and I hope to meet fellow writers to find out what the world of writing is about!

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