a 27-year-old femme from North Carolina, United States

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"All Sunshine makes the Desert."

As far as my writing goes, I like to think that I was born with a talent for imagination. When proofreading or editing my own work, I am sometimes amazed that my mind can probe darkness to the depths that it does. As such, I'm a dark fantasy writer, sometimes I dabble in the paranormal and sometimes I like to add a bit of romance, but to be honest, I think there are so many other writers out there that write romance much better than I, so I tend to shy away from the heavier scenes d(@_@)b.

Aside from writing (which is my main passion in life), I love to experiment in the other arts. Singing is a natural talent of mine, as well as painting and free-hand drawing. I love to take sentimental pictures of the most simplistic nature, but I'd be lying if I said I was a photographer.

I also love giving critiques, but a word of warning, without proper notification of the type of critique being requested, I give critiques with the same amount of toughness I'd expect to recieve on my own work. So, if you're a gentle soul, and wish to hear my thoughts on your work, let me know ahead of time and I can adjust my reviews.

I'm pretty down-to-earth (or so I've been told), and none too shy about sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone who's willing to listen. In pretty much anything but my writing, I'm not serious at all, I like to joke around and it takes nothing short of deliberate slander to make me upset or angry.

That about sums it up. If any questions come to mind, feel free to message me.


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