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"The past is history, tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift; that's why they call it the present."

I started writing when I was thirteen. I'd just read a book and didn't like how it ended. I decided I would rewrite it how I wanted it to be read, just for my own enjoyment. I found a big binder with loose leaf paper in it, and began writing it. It later got so lengthy that I had to transfer it to a computer. I've been writing on Microsoft Word ever since.

During my bout with severe depression, I picked up poetry as well. I enjoy both poetry and story-writing now. My goal is to write a novel. With each writing session I get closer, and how to do it becomes clearer to me. I have around 7 ideas that I know I could turn into a novel. Right now they're only short stories, but I will happily take the time to turn them into novels. Most are fiction, but 2 are nonfiction.

Personally, I have a fascination with psychology. Specifically, psychopathology. I have an undying curiosity when it comes to mental illness, or just illness in general. I know too much about them for my own good--but oh well. I love the subject too much.

I am a very secretive person, so the only way I would be willing to shed light on my mind, feelings and thoughts is through writing. I rarely tell people in person or allow them to see anything. I started a blog in August 2011, and I still write on it. I am always honest on my blog because I know I usually am not honest anywhere else. I keep my feelings in usually, and I get them out on my blog now before they become a problem.

People say my mind seems to work differently. I know that. They say they can't figure out how or why it does, though. I do know why. Whether you'll find out though is a mystery for now.

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