a lady from York, United Kingdom

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Whilst I really enjoyed the Welcome message left by the Protagonize staff - which I am assured that no one else can see but which I know that you have all seen by virtue of also being, at some point, new members to this site - I think it's time to add some exceedingly long sentences of my own.

So, hello! That's me on the left there, and also on the right; whilst the photo is a few years old now I feel it sums up the level of conflict that seems to occur on a daily basis in my head, not always but sometimes involving alcohol.

I have a degree in Writing, Directing and Performance, a bedroom in a shared house with two skylights and an ensuite bathroom, a handful of precious things including but not limited to a classical Spanish guitar and my laptop and, most importantly, no clue what to do now.

Once upon a time I was really involved in collaborative stories on this website, and I'd love to get involved with more. Let's see where this leads.

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