a 21-year-old ragamuffin from Campbell, CA, United States

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"Love can sometimes be magic, but magic can sometimes... be just an illlusion." - Javan

Hey everyone! :) I'm in my teens (13), and I plan to become an author when I grow older. A lot of my friends say that I'm really good for my age, but I still feel like I should push myself past my limit each day. My name is Karasu Kaguya, I'm Japanese, and part Chinese. I get my pale skin from my Irish great great great great great great grandpa, and I have red contacts since I like to feel different than most people. I have black hair that sort of covers my right eye and is short (it stops right at my shoulders, a little past it though). I'm going into 8th grade and it feels GREAT!

My inspiration to write is actually reading other books. It gives me new, original ideas that I think are very interesting... My grammar isn't as good as an adult since I'm still in Junior High, but I'd love it if someone critizes me, but not too harsh like Simon from American Idol (haha).

My family is being torn up from arguments, confusion, sorrow, and doubt. I tried to do something about it, but can't. So, all I can do is just release my emotions is in words. I've been filling out so many journals, I thought I'd just type it up online. :) Thank you!

Oh!!! I screwed up big time... Yeah, I'm only thirteen and didn't know better than to put pretty strong magnets on my laptop... Now I think my laptop is forever destroyed! I'm using my mom's computer, but I had ALL of my stories and chapters for Imitation on it and IT'S ALL GONE!!! I think I'm going to die... Literally EVERYTHING I wrote in there is gone... *sigh* Unless someone can save my laptop, than I'd be forever in debt to them. They'd be my knight in shining armor~

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