a 24-year-old dude from Grove City, Pennslyvania, United States

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"My ideas are like the rain, they are Numerous and unending as they fall into my mind. -Me"

 Hi my Name is Nicolas Wiltrout, I'm 20 years old and i have a dog named Cynder i love to listen to music (any kind). I also love to play video games and watch anime. Writing is something that i love to do as well seeing the stories that games and anime make me want to do my own stories so I am constantly coming up with new ideas for my stories piecing them together is so much fun. I love it even more when I am pitched ideas from other people it makes my imagination go nuts.

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Im also on Teamspeak 3 http://www.instantteamspeak.com//teamspeak-download.php

Ip for Teamspeak is dedi.blacksaltgaming.com

Or you can add me on Skype blackrosemasterdragoon

Cool People i have met on Protaganize

- was the first person I met on Protaganize and im currently in two Collabs with him

Emmaroze - Amazing poet I love all of her works and though I'm not a good poet she still reads some of my failed attempts xD.

mokierie - Friend to Emmaroze and I guess we exchange a few words here and there but she does have some amazing works you should definatly check them out.

RST - Real life friend and a long time collab partner. Originally helped me develope the Halcyon universe when we were in high school about 5 years ago. Can bounce ideas of eachother for hours. He is a great poet and a great story writer bu sometime he makes typoes.

AndMomoWasLoco - Amazing story writer love the way she portrays her characters. Check out her story Journeys: A Saga- The Travels of Maris Varroue  amazing tale with rich deep characters and amazing world.

ECLIPSE - Enthuesastic writer who comes up with some of the most amazing ideas i would go as far to say he is one of my collab partners because he is in just about every collab im in.

CassieK - Amazing writer she can put so much detail with the fewest amount of words one of the best writers i have ever met on Protaganize.

Firecycle - I haven't personally read any of his work but when i need a critique on something of mine he is the person i go to he gives it to you straight and does't beat around the bush.


I do not post often on here but my works are still being worked on if you would like to peek at some of my stuff https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzrYAbHTPtVMOU1qN005T0JRM1U&authuser=0

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