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Here i am, faced with another "Describe yourself Here = D".. Great, All i usually do is copy Alexander The Greats Personality Bio from Wikipedia.
So i thought, How about if i change the setting and Showed you who i would be in certain worlds, realities, etc.
Fantasy Realm/Magic Focus - The Mage, Here is were i would be. As a mage i would try and invent new spells and try to learn how not only magic but the world works, but everything that i could possibly connect to it. I would not care if it were taboo, illeagal, Heretical or even personally damaging,id do it for understanding the universe, personal enjoyment and the added bonus of becoming powerful.

Science Fiction/Evolotional Focus - Im Talking Esper abilities, Observing the new world thats bloomed from the old, how we got there, Evolution? Aliens? Experiments?  It doesnt matter. I'd be one of the assistant labcoats rushing to test Sample A with B, Not to mention my cool power, which id probably practice with intent on helping the research, to abuse my cool new powers and As a defensive weapon.
Ill add more when i feel like it, im hoping to put down some of the major genres i enjoy.

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