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"It is generally accepted that cats and dragons cannot interbreed, and I should not attempt to disprove this theory; no matter how awesome the result would be"


A simple word but it conveys the message clearly and efficiently so that it is received and understood. Why bother with 'Hello there' or 'Greetings friend' when two little letters would suffice?

Anywho, I am a mere 16 years old and have a passion for writing and reading. Perfect for this website really.

Most of my stuff is one-off; I'm not too good on the extended chapters thing. This (and my inability to name characters) makes me feel that I am just a little bit different to other writers. Not a lot mind but a tiny insignificant thing that annoys people.

Unfortunately, most of my stuff is romance related. I'm really sorry but that is the only thing I can write and I apologise for it. It makes me feel like a betrayer to myself.

If you are still reading my little rambling then congratulations: if this was someone else's profile and they had written this, I would have either fallen asleep or have gotten bored and clicked away in the hope of finding something more interesting.

So, finally, I will say all comments and ratings are appreciated and I hope you enjoy my work, for that is one of the main reasons I joined up to this website in the first place.



P.S. Most of my stuff is depressing, but some of it can be happy. I'm sure yas can tell which is which from the titles

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